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Mini Descriptions

  • Ashes of Honor
    A soldier cast out by the empire he once served becomes the unlikely protector of 37 giant pandas who see the future in their dreams.
  • The Dreams of Men and Pandas
    The Tchelakov 37 learn to trust their new guardians. Garrand slowly learns the truth about his remarkable cargo. Imperial forces intensify their search for Destiny's Needle.
  • The Dragon's Price
    Garrand and Sid struggle to recover what has been lost. Barrett and the Imperials seek to reassure their new guests. Vailetta begins to have doubts about her mission.
  • A Path of Majesty
    Garrand and Sid embark on a risky mission to find the Thief of Ships. The Gambor make a fateful decision. Two captains attack Barrett's stronghold on Wyx.
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